Symptoms Of Bad Tip Over Sensor.

The tip-over sensor’s main objective is to keep the car from catching fire. Sadly, it frequently occurs that people lose their lives in truck accidents or other incidents because they are unable to escape a burning vehicle in time.

In this article, you will find the symptoms of a bad tip-over sensor, with all the relevant information you need to know. So stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

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What does a tip-over sensor do?

One of those safety interlocks that is somewhat necessary is that one. Anyway, back to the tip over switch (unlike the kickstand switch, which in my opinion is only there for stupid people). Let’s say you accidentally low side or something similar. 

If that engine kept running without oil, it would be awful. See where this is going. Personally, I wouldn’t disable the tip-over switch or bypass it. Compared to at least a few hundred dollars for a new engine, a new switch costs only a few dollars.

It is a component of the auto safety system. If the bank angle sensor notices that the motorcycle is toppling over, it shuts off the engine. Additionally, this sensor automatically shuts off the engine as a safety precaution if the bike tilts beyond the permitted limits and starts to topple over.

What are the symptoms of a bad tip over sensor?

Symptoms Of Bad Tip Over Sensor.

If you press the starter button and the FI light blinks while the engine cranks, it usually means that the circuit breaker has been tripped. Really, that is the only visual cue. Given that the FI light also indicates low oil pressure, it is difficult to miss.

Those are the symptoms of a bad tip-over sensor and if your bike is showing one or more of those symptoms, then it is better you hire a mechanic and check for the tip over sensor for problems. 

How to reset the tip over sensor?

When you turn the key off and back on, the tip over sensor should theoretically reset itself. The voltage appears to be correct (dia. mode). Even though the volts check out, I tried to clear the error code (which is just the tip over code) but was unsuccessful.

How do you bypass a tip over sensor?

The following video will help you out for bypassing the tip over sensor so I recommend you to watch it until the end.

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