The Right Rear Height Sensor Circuit Out Of Range; How To Fix?

This article discusses how the ride height sensor works, the basics, failing symptoms, replacement and some related FAQs. So I invite you to stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for. 

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What does a ride height sensor do?

The distance between the road and a certain point on the vehicle’s suspension, chassis, or body is measured by the ride height level sensor, an electrical device. When driving over bumps or with large loads on the car, the sensor provides signals to the ECU that force the suspension to respond in order to offer a smoother ride.

Most ride height sensors are contact-free, which means they operate without friction and without wear. They are, however, exposed to the elements because they are mounted outside of the vehicle. The electronics could be harmed or affected by moisture over time, and road debris like stones can also harm the device.

Right Rear Height Sensor Circuit Out Of Range

How does a ride height sensor work?

A signal is sent to the self-levelling module by the sensor, which then activates the compressor to change the suspension settings based on how far the road is from specific points on the vehicle.

Right Rear Height Sensor Circuit Out Of Range

As so-called angle sensors, ride height sensors produce an output signal (voltage) that is inversely proportional to the angle of the sensor rod’s rotation when it moves. The ECU receives this signal after that for processing. One potential outcome is that the air suspension compressor is turned on, adding pressure to the appropriate air spring (via the valve block).

How does the rear height sensor fail?

The ride height sensor needs to be removed from the axle mounting before disassembling air suspension shocks or struts. Large movements are not possible due to the sensor’s limited rotational angle. As a result, failing to do so could lead to a broken sensor rod because it will just break off.

What are the symptoms of a bad height sensor?

  • Rough ride.

The ride control module may malfunction if it appears that your car is picking up every bump or if the ride is not as smooth as it once was.

Since it is in charge of the air suspension system, it might not be transmitting the right data, which would prevent the air suspension system from reacting as it should.

  • Light for the air ride suspension turns on.

If the ride control module is malfunctioning, your car will alert you with a warning light. Depending on the make and model of your car, this light may be referred to as the Air Ride Suspension Light or the ride height sensor. 

It is best to get your car diagnosed by a qualified mechanic when this light comes on because several different problems can trigger it.

  • Uneven ride height.

If your ride height is uneven, that is another indication that your ride control module is malfunctioning. 

The vehicle could be lower in the front or back if the module isn’t sending the right signals. This most frequently occurs when a car sits overnight and one side sags.

Symptoms Of Bad Tip Over Sensor.

Sensor Diary

How to repair a ride height sensor?

Replacing the ride height sensors is not much hard, and if you’ve got some technical skills then replacing the sensor will not be an issue for you. The following Youtube video shows how to do it, and I recommend you watch it until the end to find out how it is done correctly. 

Ride Height Sensor Replacement For Range Rover Sport & LR3

Right Rear Height Sensor Circuit Out Of Range: What to do?

When this problem comes the possible error code is C1885, and the cause for it are,

  • Poor electrical connection in the Air Suspension Right Rear Height Sensor circuit.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Module in error (VDM)
  • Right rear height sensor on the air suspension is broken.
  • Harness for the right rear height sensor on the air suspension is shorted or open.

Look over the “Possible Causes” section above. Examine the connectors and related wiring harness visually. Look for broken, bent, pushed-out, or corroded connector pins, as well as any other damaged components.

How do you replace a ride height sensor?

The following YouTube video will help you out to learn how to replace a ride height sensor with ease on your own.

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