6.5 Diesel Optical Sensor Bypass; All You Need To Know. 

My advice before we start – If you are not a true expert, do not attempt to remove and clean the OS [optical sensor]. They are simple to damage and even simpler to incorrectly reinstall. It is regarded as an essential component of the IP rather than a replaceable item. Check to see if things get a little bit better by running some injector cleaning additives or Marvel Mystery Oil for a few tanks. If not, the P0251 could actually be an alert about the condition of your IP.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about bypassing the optical sensor of 6.5 diesel in simple. So stick around until the end and welcome to Sensor Diary.

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What does an optical sensor do?

LiDAR, cameras, and radar systems are the most typical optical sensors found in automotive ADAS. The integration of various sensor technologies enhances the safety of the vehicles and boosts the effectiveness of each individual sensor.

The idea behind optical oxygen sensors is the oxygen-induced quenching of fluorescence. They rely on the use of a luminescent material that responds to light, a light source, and a light detector. The Clark electrode is being replaced by oxygen sensors based on luminescence in many fields.

How does the optical sensor work in 6.5 diesel?

It consists of a slotted disk in between a pair of photo emitters and receivers. Light from the emitter that passes through the disk as the pump rotates is picked up by the receiver as the slots move between them, resulting in a binary output pulse (repeating on/off) signal from the receiver. The output pulses accelerate with the engine’s speed, as do the pump and slotted disk as a result.

How does the optical sensor malfunction?

The issue is that everything is submerged in fuel inside the IP, including the emitter, receiver, and disk. When a light pulse is received by an emitter and passes through fuel that is clear or nearly clear, it causes an output pulse. The output receiver cannot be activated by enough light if the fuel is too opaque.

The key question is whether the receiver receives NO signal because the fuel is too dark, in which case it doesn’t trigger an output signal, or if it receives a WEAK output signal that isn’t strong enough for the system to recognize it as a pulse. Amplification of the output signal would be effective if the signal was weak.

Amplification of the output signal from the emitter isn’t the solution if NO signal is being received by the receiver. However, increasing the emitter’s light output to make it stronger so that it can shine through fuel that is darker might be the solution.

6.5 Turbo Diesel optical sensor symptoms.

The most common symptoms of a bad optical sensor are hard starts or stalls. So if your vehicle is showing one or more of those symptoms then you can simply guess the problem is with the optical sensor.

But you have to make sure by letting the car be examined by an experienced mechanic in your area. 

6.5l Optical bump

Can you bypass the optical sensor?

It is a great risk trying to bypass the optical sensor because the signals it sends to the engine are very important for the vehicle to function well. 

But if you still need to do it on your own, I recommend watching the following youtube video which will help you out in the process. 

6.5 diesel optical sensor location.

The following image shows the location of the optical sensor. 

6.5 diesel optical sensor location.
6.5 diesel optical sensor location.

2000 Honda Accord O2 Sensor Location.

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