Ls Knock Sensor Delete; Pros and Cons.

Knock sensors don’t affect performance when removed, but if they’re functional and necessary to stop the detonation, leave them in place because doing so could save your engine. EGR can be deleted without affecting its performance.

Most tuners I’m familiar with are unable to correctly adjust the knock sensor’s sensitivity settings. They are obtained empirically using tools found in a few engine labs around the world. 

Desensitizing them typically results in throwing out the baby with the bathwater and leaves you with no knock protection that is worth talking about. Only a small number of tuners have actual OEM factory experience, and even they are hard to find. For the guy whose HPT is still covered by warranty, it’s definitely not.

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What does the knock sensor really do?

The knock sensor sends a signal to the ECU after detecting the high-frequency engine vibrations that are indicative of knocking.

By starting ignition as soon as possible, the goal is to produce the most energy possible. Engines with knock sensors can use less fuel and produce more torque.

What happens when a knock sensor goes bad?

The knock sensor detects engine vibrations and will reduce acceleration until it is replaced. Because the engine may run hot with a bad sensor, there is a possibility that the emissions will be higher.

Signs of a bad knock sensor

  1. Although some engines require multiple failure cycles before storing a code, a failed knock sensor will register a trouble code and turn on the Check Engine Lamp (CEL).
  2. Misfire (especially when traveling at a high speed)
  3. The engine makes a knocking or thumping sound.

Why do people delete knock sensors?

People frequently toss the unsightly stock valley cover with knock sensor provisions first.

Due to false knock detection and other tuning inaccuracies, most people disable knock sensors when modifying their Gen 3 LS engines. This knock sensor delete plate was made by us.

Are knock sensors necessary?

Knock sensors are essential to the operation of your car because they guard against engine damage brought on by excessive air pressure brought on by the aforementioned air and fuel mixture. Your car will malfunction if the engine sustains significant damage.

LS1 5.3 engine Knock Sensor Delete Valley Cover

ls knock sensor delete Pros and Cons.

How to bypass a knock sensor, NOT RECOMENDED!


Not every noise the sensor detects will actually be a detonation. It can be started by loose external hardware, such as a banging exhaust pipe.


The absence of spark knock sounds doesn’t necessarily indicate the absence of detonation; some detonation is not audible to the human ear over the background noise of the car.

How To Trick A Knock Sensor?

Sensor Diary

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